Réhahn: The Artist

Known for being the photographer that captures the souls of his subjects, Réhahn is more than just a man behind a camera. Behind each click is a story—an ethnic girl with startling blue eyes, a woman pulling a needle through indigo fabric, a man walking alone down a brightly painted street—these stories and the passion to learn more about the culture, diversity, and changing traditions of his subjects are what drives Réhahn’s world-renowned work.

Indigo Hand

Réhahn’s unique combination of Fine Art Photography and documentary styles results in images that both inform and mesmerize. His portraits of Vietnam, Cuba, and India are particularly well known for exactly this reason. They take the viewer along on a voyage to catch a glimpse of authentic interactions with people, their smiles, their wisdom, their daily lives. “Réhahn’s patient style of working means he often spends days or weeks with the [people] that is photographing, strikes up relationships, and makes repeat visits.” (Post Magazine, August 2018) For Réhahn, photography is a way to approach people, to document what is happening in the present while also learning about the traditions and heritage of their past.

Réhahn made Hoi An, Vietnam his home in 2011 and at that point started his documentary work in the ethnic groups of Vietnam in earnest. His first book Vietnam: Mosaic of Contrasts was published in 2014 and been a bestseller ever since. He followed this success with two subsequent books: Vietnam: Mosaic of Contrasts Volume ll in 2015 and The Collection: 10 Years of Réhahn Photography in 2017.

Réhahn Book

In 2016, for International Women’s day, Réhahn’s portrait of Madam Xong, Hidden Smile, was introduced in the permanent collection at the Vietnam Women's Museum in the Vietnam capitol of Hanoi. The resulting media coverage amassed more than 80 articles and 10 television interviews. Réhahn has since been featured in international media totaling more than 500 articles and interviews and over 50 television appearances, many intended for global audiences.

One highlight in 2018 was being honored during an official ceremony, which was organized to celebrate 45 years of friendship between France and Vietnam. Vietnam’s Secretary of the Party, Nguyen Phu Trong, who has since become the President of Vietnam, gifted Hidden Smile to French President Emmanuel Macron on an official state visit to Paris.

Hidden Smile

Réhahn has four Couleurs by Réhahn Fine Art Photography galleries: two in Hoi An and two in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). In Ho Chi Minh City, the first is located on the famous Dong Khoi Street, near the Opera House, and the second is in the InterContinental Saigon next to the entrance lobby area.

Early in his career, Réhahn launched The Giving Back Project, where a portion of the proceeds from his galleries is used to fund individual needs and various positive impact projects throughout Vietnam. Regarding his giving back to individual needs, the BBC wrote “He’s given a rowing boat to Madam Xong… and has bought bikes, cows, and cameras for subjects, as well as contributing towards education, healthcare, and house repairs for others.” (BBC, September 2018) As for his giving back to positive impact projects, Post Magazine wrote that income from the sale of his photographs “is being channeled into a new museum for the Co Tu ethnic group, in rural Tay Giang district…” (Post Magazine, 2018) This museum is set to open soon and is entirely curated and managed by the Co Tu ethnic group themselves.

Réhahn is grateful for the support and encouragement he receives from art collectors and fans worldwide, and for the irreplaceable connections he has made with the diverse people of Vietnam.

Giving Back Project

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